Themed birthday parties for kids
Delivery in the Netherlands
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Welcome on my website
Are you an expat, living in the Netherlands?
Do you have to organise a themed birthday party for your son or daughter?
Has the party to be special? With a script in English?

We organise great themed birthday parties for kids. Everything you need, is collected for you: invitations, games and all the materials you need for the games. There above, all the parties have theme clothes for the kids.

Every party starts with a letter from the main character of the theme you chose, in which he asks the children for their help. They have to work together to solve the "problem". The story and the explanation of the games are all in English.
We deliver in the Netherlands; the parties will be sent to you by post.

At this moment, the following themes are available:
Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Harry Potter. A great Narnia party will be available approximately in september 2014.

Soon more information will be available on this website. 
If you like, you can take a look at my Dutch site

For informations
send an e-mail to

or call
Jacqueline Ankersmit, 06-20.666.777